Agrona Plus

AGRONA PLUS is a private export oriented Company.

After years of producing experience we constituted Agrona plus with purpose of producing and exporting fresh watermelons on West European market.

We were the first Serbian Company which started with seedless variety production.

Since our foundation we have grown steadily and have built up a reputation for superb quality, an outstanding range with a reliable delivery service.

Perfection is always our aim, as we consistently achieve the highest levels of service and excellence in exporting watermelons to European wholesalers and markets. We have a very ‘hands on’ approach and an extremely capable team of staff, with a culture of determination and attention to detail client would expect from a proprietor driven business.

Our logo

Logo has inscriptions in several world languages. This Logo can be seen on all of our packaging.

Professional Services

We stake our reputation on the excellence of the products we supply. We believe it’s a real point of difference and one which makes us stand out in the market.

Long term relationships with national and foreign wholesalers, supermarkets and importers enable us to guarantee consistent supplies of the highest possible quality, allowing us to support our customers even when difficult market conditions prevail.

These relationships, coupled to our focus on quality, ensure that every delivery confirms the core commitment to excellence which is Agrona plus Produce.



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